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Top 3 DAT Biology Study Materials

You have probably seen the article “The Hottest DAT Study Material 2017” which ranks the Top 10 DAT study aids. However, the best study aids do not necessarily translate into the best resource for each section. This is why it is highly recommended that you take the time to find the right combination of DAT material for you. In order to help you find the best materials for the biology section of the DAT, I have put together a Top 3 list of materials. I did not do a Top 10 or even a Top 5 list simply because the Top 3 materials that I am going to list blow the others out of the water. Yes, in my opinion, and many others these are far superior study materials for the DAT biology section than any of the others.

#1- Cliffs AP Biology

I have written several articles now about Cliffs AP Biology. I cannot say enough about this resource. It outlines, in an easy to memorize fashion, just about everything you need to know for the biology section . The book isn’t written on fancy paper but the simplicity and content that is included make up for that. Oh, did I mention that this book can be purchased at Amazon for less than $10! I do have to warn you that Cliffs AP Biology does lack a little bit in the physiology portion and maybe a few other small areas.I would recommend checking the ADA specification outline to be sure you covered all the material.  Check out my full review of Cliffs AP Biology: The Rave.



#3- TIME

Alright, I know time is not a material but reality is I couldn’t choose a third resource to put in the #3 spot. If you know Cliffs AP Biology and work your way through DAT Destroyer (more than once) you can land yourself at least a 19 in the biology section. So my advice is to go out and get the 2 best study materials and start studying. You can spend hours debating on which study materials to use but the reality is, you just need to put the time into studying.

Honorable Mentions:

Top Score Pro

Test yourself using this DAT simulator software. Probably one of the most accurate software programs that you can buy. If you want to know what you will score on the real DAT take a couple of these tests. You will probably score a point or two lower on the biology section in comparison to the real DAT as they do put in a few extra taxonomy questions.



DAT Achiever

Test yourself using this DAT simulator software. Don’t be discouraged if you end up with only 15 or 16 in the biology section as many of these questions are far more difficult than the real DAT. This will be a good 3 to 4 points lower than what you will score when you get to the real test.


Kaplan Blue Book

Often times Kaplan gets negative feedback on their material because it is too easy in comparison to the real DAT. However, they do a pretty decent job in the biology section. This will definitely pick up anything that is lacking in Cliffs AP Biology.




Hopefully, this saves you some time and helps you to get a higher score on the DAT. The study material that you choose can really make a difference. The Top 3 materials that I have presented to you today are materials that have been used by thousands of pre-dental students to get high scores on the DAT. Good luck to all! Just remember… IT’S WORTH IT!

Cliffs AP Biology: The Rave

If you have done any kind of research about what to use for the biology section of the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) then you probably have come across several sources saying to use CliffsAP Biology book. What is the rave all about?

First off, CliffsAP Biology book was not written for the DAT but for high school students taking the Advanced Placement (AP) Biology test for college credit. This means that it is broken down so simply that even a high school student can understand it!

Why use CliffsAP Biology for studying for the DAT? Easy, the book is broken down into 13 subsections which coincidentally mirror the outline of the DAT. It teaches nearly all the material needed for the DAT in less than 254 pages (including practice problems). This may sound like quite a few pages but when you consider the 6 pages of multiple choice questions and essays between each chapter, it is not much at all.

CliffsAP Biology (available here) is by no means a fancy book but it does include some helpful pictures and some easy to memorize charts.

Take a look here at the ADA outline for biology:


The outline of CliffsAP Biology:





You can get a feel for what is covered and what is not covered. One thing that I would have to advise against is strictly using CliffsAP Biology. You might ask, why? The real reason is that Cliffs does not cover EVERYTHING. If yo notice it lacks in some of the physiology areas and possibly a few smaller areas. My recommendation would be to take the ADA Outline and go through Cliffs filling it out. When you finish filling out the ADA Outline, look at what sections are lacking and then go to another resource (Campbell’s, Kaplan, the Internet, etc…) and fill in the missing pieces. I would do this for you but lack the time! However, if anyone has done this and would like to forward it I would be glad to post it for everyone’s benefit.

Remember, Cliffs is short, in outline form, and costs less than $10. Hope this gives you a little better feel for what CliffsAP Biology is all about.

DAT Bootcamp

What is DAT Bootcamp?

DAT Bootcamp provides the highest quality DAT practice tests available in a convenient online format. DAT Bootcamp practice tests are designed to be the most focused and high-yield prep a pre-dental student can use in their journey to conquer the DAT. We also offer a strategy blog, dedicated solely to the DAT. It’s called a Bootcamp for a reason – the material is challenging, but focused to give you the highest-yield prep by going over common questions, topics, and themes that appear on the DAT.

Who built DAT Bootcamp?


My name is Arian “Ari” Rezaei, and I’m a dental student at Columbia. I’ve recently taken the DAT and scored well (view score report). I did my undergrad at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). Typically during my downtime you can find me cooking spicy food or practicing the piano. While I was preparing for the DAT, I felt that a lot of the DAT prep material wasn’t up to par. The DAT market is too small for Kaplan to care about, so they recycle their MCAT material and slap a “DAT” label on it. There are a lot of third party products, but most were made by people who have never taken the DAT. I had to use several different products – practically one for each section on the test – and it still was not an accurate representation of the real exam. As a result, I had to work a lot harder to score high on the DAT. I set out to make DAT Bootcamp to help future pre-dental students conquer the DAT by providing them with everything they need to get into the 90th percentile and up. Everything is designed purely for the DAT by people who aced the DAT, including the wording of the questions, the design of the distractor answer choices, and the content tested.

How similar is DAT Bootcamp to the actual exam?

DAT Bootcamp was designed to mirror the difficulty level and breadth of subject matter of the actual 2013 DAT exam. By talking to students who have used our practice tests and recently taken the DAT, we’re able to adjust question difficulty and relevance to give you the best representation of the actual DAT exam.

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