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Crack DAT PAT Review

I am starting a journey through Crack the DAT tutorials and reviews. The tutorials and reviews are meant to give predental students easy feedback on the Crack the DAT software. Everyone is always asking is the Crack the DAT really worth all the money? I would submit, it is worth every penny that you pay! Through creation of these tutorials you will not only see that it is worth every penny but you will be able to see how to more fully utilize the software. Throughout the tutorials I will try and point out any positive or negative aspects of the software. The majority of the tutorials will be written reviews with occasional screen-casting. I will walk you through all the different aspects of Crack the DAT, while you sit back and watch.

The introductory tutorial walks you through the general layout of Crack the DAT which has a very easy interface that allows you to select from any number of tests and results to those tests. Everything from the startup to the viewing of results is an A+ in my book!

Crack DAT PAT Introduction

*NOTE: I re-sized the video to fit within the post. If the picture appears to be cut-off, right click and select show all on the menu. The picture will shrink and fit within the frame.


1. Easy to navigate
2. A large number of tests to take
3. Easy to understand breakdowns for each test
4. 3D animations for solution
5. Ability to adjust the timer
6. Thousands of extra, practice Angles, Keyholes, and Cube Counting
7. Unlimited Use: Never expires. I still have mine from a when I took my DAT.
8. Continous Updates: The above was not the most recent version.
9. Best Customer Service


1. If you get a new computer you cannot transfer the software. Also they do not take responsibility if your computer crashes, breaks, etc... Thus leaving you with the cost of replacing the the software. The software replacement will not cost you the original price but will be given to you at a discount. NOTE: AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! I had a little trouble with my computer being weird and not validating the program. They worked with me until the problem was fix (it was my computer). They did not charge extra for reloading the program several times.

2. When upgrading to the newest version your scores from previous tests are erased. If you want to remember what you got on all the tests, remember to write them down before updating to the newest version.

Crack DAT PAT "Keyholes"

Keyholes is the very first section of the perceptual ability portion of the DAT. It is a section that everyone can do well on! For some it may come a little easier but with practice and repetition everyone can be getting at least 14 of the 15 problems correct. Crack DAT PAT (CDP) keyholes are very similar to that of the DAT and will prepare anyone sufficiently for this section. If you are getting incorrect answers it is important that you view the results and understand why you missed the problem.

Similarity: *9* Very Similar actual DAT


1. On the DAT, answers are not only based on shape but proportion. CDP does not give the test taker a lot of practice in this area.

2. The idea of a 3D image for the solution is good but the image clarity is not very good on CDP. I would have liked to have seen more complete solutions in addition to the 3D graphic. Perhaps graphics showing why each of the answers are either correct or incorrect by utilizing contrast coloring.

Crack DAT PAT "Top Front End"


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