Test Week

At Indiana University School of Dentistry, we have what are called either Bi-weeklies, Tri-weeklies, or Monthlies. This means that we have a test every two, three, or four weeks depending on the semester. This semester I have tests every two or three weeks. Occasionally we will have a quiz or lab test outside of these, but other than that, all of our classes are tested on in the same test. Each professor that lectures submits their questions for their presentations and they are added to the test (they keep them organized on the test). This makes for a very busy testing week but a relaxing week after.

My upcoming test includes neurobiology, respiratory system, pharmacology, oral facial biology, and cariology. Some of the sections have 5 power points and some only have two power points. Nonetheless, there is a total of 20 total PowerPoints ranging from 35 slides to 130 slides. This is going to be a fun week!

This Should Keep Me Going


This is what a call a midnight snack! Ever feeling low on energy? Feel like you need a boost? Or just need to spice things up? Grab some Chex Mix Hot ‘n’ Spicy and a Mello Yello!


Living the Life


If I am not in class or lab, then this is where I am, a small little cubical filled with Chex Mix and Mello Yello. Ever wonder where I am at when I type these posts? Just picture this and you’ve got it. I spend enough time in one of these things that I have learned to keep myself comfortable.


Breakfast of Champions
Knowing how important it is to eat breakfast, I packed myself a breakfast of champions. Nothing like a few nutritional bars, yogurt, and some fruit. The brain power has to come from somewhere.


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