Electronic Flashcards for Upcoming Exam 7: Cardiovascular and GI Systems

These are flashcards for my upcoming exam. They cover the GI system and the Cardiovascular system. By no means are they perfect (wasn’t planning on posting them) but this is what I do for studying. I actually imported them from www.flashcardexchange.com (lifetime fee of $20) into Quizlet in order to embed them on the blog. Flashcard exchange has a really good Cardfile study system that I like to use. If you get the card correct it moves to the next stack (choose how many you want but I usually do 4 stacks). If you miss the card it goes all the way back to the first stack. The goal is to get all the cards to the last stack before you take the exam.
NOTE: Any Pictures that were on Flashcardexchange is are posted (ex: the electrocardiogram). I was lazy and did not upload them since they did not directly copy to Quizlet. However, the text is still there in order to explain the concept.

**Content on the cards is not to be used for diagnosing or treating medical concerns. They are for the sole purpose of passing this semesters Exam #7.**

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