8 Week Study Plan

On studentdoctor.net there is an 8-week study plan and all the details needed in order to complete the study plan successfully. The plan is in no way, shape, or form my own original work. In fact, “DentalWorks” posted this on studentdoctor.net as a helpful resource for predental students looking to study for the DAT.

I am currently working on a complete study guide which will include information from Cliff AP Biology, Kaplan Blue Book, ACS study guides, textbooks, and many more resources. This study guide is meant to eliminate the need to purchase all of the books (you may still want to have some for references and practice test purposes). I will also be putting together a 100% original study plan utilizing the study guide and testing software such as Top Score Pro, and DAT Achiever. Included will be a 4-week, 8 -eek, and 12-week study plan.

Hope you can utilize this valuable source!

8 Week Study plan by “DentalWorks”

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